A Piece of Wood


“I am the light shining upon all things.  I am the sum of everything, for everything has come forth from me, and towards me everything unfolds.
Split a piece of wood, and there I am.  Pick up a stone and you will find me there.”
                       The Gospel of Thomas, Logion 77, translated by Lynn C. Bauman

The camera’s lens allows me to see more clearly than my aging eyes can manage.  When I zoom in on the grain of a piece of wood, I see the fine texture that I otherwise miss.  The light of God is like that, making the simplest things – wood or stone – clearer, more real.  And if the light of God shines upon all things, and God is the sum of everything and yet the source of everything, how can I not find evidence of God in everything I see?

When we find the sacred in ordinary things, we become connected to everything that has ever existed, and everything that ever will exist.  And at the same time, we unfold the barriers of our hearts and find the presence of God within ourselves.


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