A Whole Heart

The words whole, heal, and holy share an etymological root.  The closest current English word to that root is probably whole.  To heal is to become whole.  That which is holy is whole, complete, unblemished.

Our hearts are healed and made whole when we find the holy around us and within us.  And when our hearts are whole and complete, they are transformed by God and become holy.

Since that transformation seems to have no end, we don’t become the holiness that is God, but we can share in the common holiness of the sacred all around us and move closer to the holiness of God.  That’s a comfort when our hearts are broken and need healing.

Healing is the acceptance of our own suffering and our own joy.


Lament in Darkness

Where are you, Lord, in this dark night?
I reach for your hand, but it is not there.
My heart yearns for your healing light.
Darkness encloses me, darkness without hope,
Without relief, without end.
When will you come, Lord?
When will I look again on the light?

I know that you are the light of my eyes,
But my eyes are blind with tears.
You are the joy of my heart,
But my heart is lacerated with loss.
I trust in your presence, but I am numb,
And I cannot find you in the dark.

Come into my broken heart, Lord,
Come to me in this darkness.
You are the Lord of Light and the light of hope,
And you are the God of the dark and the deep.
I know that you are with me even now,
When I am blind and deaf to your presence.

Let me feel your presence, Lord, so that someday
I may again celebrate you with laughter and joy.
Be with me, my God, even when I cannot see you.
Make my heart whole.



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