Intoxicated by the Sacred

It’s not hard to get high on spring.  After a long winter of stale air inside and scentless cold outside, of monochrome landscapes and dull skies, the colors and scents and sounds of spring are overwhelming.  It’s easy to find the sacred in all this joyful color and music — but the sacred is always, always there, surrounding us with God’s love, even in the dullest of times.



You make me dizzy, God –
Dizzy-drunk on the scent of viburnum and peony
Filling the garden, dizzy with birdsong,
With early sunshine, with stars over mountains,
Swept away with the goodness of bread and wine
And the soft, warm rain of the spring thaw.
You fill me up, Lord –
Full of the voices of friends
And the sound of bullfrogs in the spring night,
Full of light spilling like overflowing grace
Through stained glass, full of music soaring
Like the wind of creation across the waters.
You make me dizzy with love, O my beloved,
And trip me up into your warm embrace.



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