Nine Ways of Looking at a Peach

O, taste and see that the Lord is good.      Psalm 34:8

This is the time of year I start thinking about peaches.  It will be a while before the first fine peaches appear in the farmers’ markets and I start eating peaches every day, but I’m getting ready, anticipating that first wonderful, juicy bite.  The hard, barely-scented varieties that appear in supermarkets in May and June don’t count.  It’s the fresh from the tree, fully ripe, intensely fragrant, high summer fruit I’m longing for.  Right now, I’ll have to be content with digital doodling, remembering . . . .

A universe that has peaches in it must have a God.


1 peach 2  rpast dbpeach 2 pe brightpeach 2 pw b brightpeach 2 liq refl a brightpeach 2 liq refl b brightpeach 2 liq brightpeach 2 twir brightlpeach 3 sg


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