God’s Science

God and the Big Bang
Before time was, I am.
I am the Alpha and the Omega.

In the beginning,
There was nothing but God.
No time, no space,
Not even a void.
Then God thought of a void,
And became the Creator.
God’s thought exploded
Into time and matter;
Elements were created
And then the stars,
Waters, the land, life.

In the beginning,
All forces were unified in God –
Weak and strong were one with gravity
And magnetism was the same as death.
The Breath of God fragmented them,
Separated them, sent them flying across time and space
Into a long dance of stars and galaxies and
Electrons whirling in their atomic numbers.

The universe was born in light and noise,
Fire and thunder,
The Word of God crackling and booming
Through unimaginable eons.
That chaos God set rolling
Through clouds and clots of time and space
Boiled on in every-growing richness.
God knew it all, and knew that it was good.

We were predestined in that Big Bang,
In the Will of God,
Through that creative chaos at the heart of things,
That randomness that creates change
And growth and frees our will to choose
To love the thought of God.

When God set change loose out of the void,
Willed Godself to become the Creator,
God made the making of the stars and humankind.
God made the making of the cross,
The Buddha’s smile,
The loudspeaker at the top of the minaret.
God made Godself – that unimaginable being
Who came to love God’s creation,
Who became father-mother to us all.
In that huge bang of creation, God willed Godself,
Willed love, willed light.

We are not done with change,
Nor has the Big Bang of God’s will lived out its thunder.
We cannot guess the consequences of God’s becoming.
But perhaps somewhere, at the end,
God will gather in the fragments of time and space,
Gravity, death, and love,
And draw them all together once more into unity,
And again there will be nothing but God.



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