Mental Furniture

One of the delights of age is the opportunity to enjoy the furniture the mind has acquired over a lifetime.  Furniture – and trivia!

Here are some of the things I’ve thought about during one period of 24 hours.

The joys of spiritual friendship.  I’m blessed to have spiritual friends , people with whom I can share discussions and debates about God, faith, and the shortcomings of religious belief.  Most of them are very different from me and from one another – what we have in common is the desire to experience God and grow in wisdom.

Why it takes them seven days to move a package from the postal facility in the next suburb over to my front door – a distance of 5 miles.

How wonderful it is that there are women being ordained priests in the Roman Catholic tradition, even though the Church of Rome doesn’t recognize them.  Someday . . . .

Why classical nude paintings are not acceptable in an art exhibit in a church.  It’s the children, of course, who need to keep clear the distinction between body and spirit (how Gnostic!).  No, actually, it’s the parents who are fearful of the effect of such images on their children’s minds.  But why do we have such lingering doubts about the bodies God gave us?

Why people in China ever thought of foot-binding.  And why people ever thought of high-heeled shoes.  (I actually know at least part of the answer to the second question – men wore them as early as the tenth century, to help hold their feet in the stirrups when they rode.  Like today’s cowboy boots, which some wear to appear taller and thus more powerful.)  (The first question may have an answer too kinky to contemplate.  Or maybe too political.)

Why grocery stores always seem to drop products I especially like.

Whether there is any modesty/humility in Italian culture.  I just bought some very nice Italian drinking glasses labeled “Michelangelo Masterpiece.”  Now these are lovely glasses, perfectly proportioned and elegant.  But Michelangelo?  Really?  The David?  The Sistine Chapel?  And yet . . . I’ll probably get more everyday pleasure from these glasses than I ever did from David or that famous ceiling.  What an awful thing for an artist to admit!

Why we ever think we understand anything.  It’s all either hypothesis or metaphor.  If reality exists, it’s beyond my grasp.  Maybe Plato wasn’t as crazy as I think he was.

Why I feel compelled to afflict you with my own mental furniture.  What about yours?


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