Moving Toward the Sacred

We find the sacred all around us, in nature, in the works of human hands, in our actions in community, in other people, in all the movements of grace.  One of our great challenges as human beings is to learn to see the sacred around us and within us, and to move toward it.  But how do we do that?

It seems to me that moving toward the sacred requires a certain amount of introspection.  For some people, this is difficult.  We’re not an introspective culture.  We tend to be focused on doing, accomplishing, striving to survive and thrive in a world that often feels hostile or at least challenging.  Some people just don’t see any benefit in introspection – they imagine that they know what they need to do, and they want to get on with it.  Others are frightened at the thought of going within, of finding things in themselves that they may not like.  But the inward journey is a joyful one, because it leads to peace, harmony, and acceptance.


Look Inward

Come, heart, look inward.
What do you see?  A human soul, with all its flaws,
Imperfect as a sunset sky striped with bright clouds,
A soul so made for love that no tight scars
Of grief, abuse, regret can fully bind it,
But love will gush out in streams of light
Or glow softly in hidden embers, ready to flame up
At the first breath.

Look inward, heart, and find the One
Who makes a home and lights the rooms with joy.
Look inward, find the threads of life
That connect the soul to everything that ever was,
Reaching out through time and space
In intricate, interwoven dance,
All wrapped together in the embrace of God.


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