Pain and Promise on Good Friday

What must the death of Jesus been like for his followers?  Easter was ahead of them, but they didn’t know that.  What happens to us when we suffer great loss must have happened to them.  Yet somehow the mystery of the cross encompasses both the suffering of loss and the joy of Easter morning.  And somehow God uses our suffering to bring us to joy.


A Dark Day

A dark day.
On the hilltop, a body hanging on a cross,
The sound of weeping,
And the smell of death in the air.
Where now is power and glory?
What has become of the water turned to wine,
The lepers healed, the dead raised?

Lord, life was so rich with promise!
We had such hopes, such plans!
Now we’re bereft, left alone,
Afraid, and numb with despair.
Where shall we turn?
What do we do next?
How can we survive in this diminished world?

Will we crumble into dust,
Blown away by the winds of destruction?
Was it all for nothing?

In our grief, we cry out to you.
Are you there, Lord?


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